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  • For Institute

    CollegeSpike Builder

    We make CollegeSpike Builder for Your Institute. CollegeSpike Builder builds your candidate and provides placement opportunity for them. You can also track candidates, and find the lacking point of the candidate. CollegeSpike Builder helps students to provide a competitive environment in which students can compete at state and national level. We also provide thousands of Online Courses and Online Test Series, Which help students to improve their skills. Our AI and Strong analytics give you a better view to find the lacking point of the candidate.

  • For Company

    CollegeSpike Picker

    Are You Searching for a candidate for your company? Choose CollegeSpike Picker, CollegeSpike Picker helps you to find the best candidate for your company and also complete your future demand. We provide the best way to search and hire the candidate which are best suited for you.

  • For Events

    CollegeSpike FUN

    CollegeSpike FUN dedicated to complete and organize your institution events. Now the event management with us is even easier. With the help of CollegeSpike Events, you can manage the create events like Online Quiz, Online Photography events and Generate Online Tickets or pass for live concerts and Celebrity Nights