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  • For Institute

    CollegeSpike Builder

    Give your students the competitive edge they need with CollegeSpike Builder. Our powerful AI and analytics help you find and track the best candidates, provide thousands of online courses and test series to improve skills, and give your students placement opportunities to help them succeed. Unleash the potential of your students with CollegeSpike Builder today!

  • For Company

    CollegeSpike Picker

    Looking for the best person to join your team? CollegeSpike Picker is the perfect tool for you! Our advanced AI-driven technology helps you find the ideal candidate for any position - quickly and efficiently. Save time and money by utilizing our platform to search, compare and hire top talent that perfectly meets your hiring needs. Get ready to experience the power of CollegeSpike Picker!

  • For Events

    CollegeSpike FUN

    Planning events just got a whole lot easier! CollegeSpike Fun has all your event management needs covered. With our event management system, you can create and manage your institution events with ease - from online quizzes, photography events and ticketing for live concerts & celebrity nights. Get organized and get the party started with CollegeSpike Fun!

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